About Melvi

I’m a Mother, a wife, a baker, a kind-hearted, passionate, lover of tea and laughs. Whose a strong, quirky, feminist that is driven by love and anxiety. I am a woman.

It took me forever to get here…

Forever can be interpreted in so many different ways I suppose, depending on your situation and level of patience. Forever is something you feel, it’s not actually something that can be measured by any one person. It feels like forever when you’re waiting on that acceptance letter to come in or that call telling you that you got the job. It can also feel like forever when you are in Middle School and you’re waiting on your crush to finally notice you or your boobs to come in. Everybody’s life is full of minute and monumental forevers. That’s what life is, the moments in between the appointments, classes, schedules, life lessons and responsibilities. Those “forevers” make up who you are and shape you into the person you become.

This blog is about my thirty three years of forevers; the nine plus years it took to get through college, the four and half years it took him to propose, and that thirty-six hour labor that gave me my greatest gift. All the moments of happiness and devastation, the humor, love, growth, recipes, set backs, and pure joy that have brought me to here. The here that I’ve longed for and been waiting for my entire life. To the point in my life where I finally feel like I can start to live. This is the moment where I can finally come to life as a daughter, sister, friend, wife and most importantly a Mother.

These are my thoughts and opinions. My stories and my exaggerated truths about the recollections of my struggles and small successes I’ve encountered. If I can help just one person feel accepted, get inspired, laugh, reflect, and feel connected… My stories and my continued journey through countless forevers will have been worth the share.